Arches National Park

September 13-14, 2017

Another day, another park!  This time we drive from Torrey, UT, to Moab where we set up camp at Moab Valley RV Resort & Campground. This campground has a nice pool, which came in handy because it was insanely hot in Moab this day. 

A few things to know about this campground:  If you or your friends camp here in a tent, be sure to ask for campsites with a canopy over them. Those are nifty because they keep the tent cooler when the sun is blasting down, and they also help protect from rain, which is ferocious on the rare occasions that it comes down.  If you camp here in an RV, don't let them put you in the last row, up against the fence, just down from the "pet area." Those are terrible spots. Ask for grass and a tree if they have a site like that. If they can't meet these requirements, you may want to consider staying elsewhere.

We stayed two nights, because our plan was to visit Arches the first day and then Canyonlands the second day. We were pretty tired by this time, and it was insanely hot, so we changed plans. We jumped in their pool for the afternoon. Next morning, first thing, we went into Arches for a half-day visit.  In the afternoon we drove to Canyonlands.  Unfortunately, as we got into our cars for the trip to Canyonlands, the skies literally opened up. It rained like crazy!  So bad that my phone was going off every few minutes with new flash flood warnings. When we arrived at Canyonlands, it was still pouring and we couldn't see anything, so we gave up and headed back to camp.  The highlight of this trip is that we saw a lot of waterfalls very few other people ever see. Thick red gushers of water were pouring off the cliffs above and down onto the land below, in spectacular waterfalls that could be seen from the road. That was pretty amazing, and I recommend you look for this if you ever get rained out of Canyonlands.

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