Henderson and Lake Mead, NV

September 8-9, 2017

Bowlus Road Chief!

On our way down to Las Vegas from Dyer, NV, we made an appointment to see a Bowlus Road Chief at their showroom in Henderson, NV.  This trailer is based on the original Bowlus, which historically precedes the Airstream as an all-aluminum trailer.  The founder of the current company found an original Bowlus, restored it, fell in love with it, purchased the intellectual property rights, updated the original design, and started making them in a small factory in California.  They are hand-crafted, stunning, and incredibly functional.  They are also quite spendy, even when compared with an Airstream.  We immediately fell in love with the Bowlus Road Chief, but in the end the price was just too rich for our blood. If you can afford to spend this kind of money on a small, nimble, gorgeous, and functional travel trailer then the Bowlus might be perfect for you. If you buy one, reach out and connect with us because we'd love to see yours "in the wild."  We promise to "ooh and ahh" over every inch of your beautiful trailer.

Lake Mead RV Village

This is an interesting place to camp. You have to drive through the Leak Meade National Recreation Area (and pay for entry if you don't already have a pass) to get to this "campground." I use quotes because this place also hosts a large number of "park model" homes that look like mobile homes permanently placed here. It's clearly a combination of retirement village, winter snowbird escape, and RV Park. However, all the park models are in excellent shape, so despite this mix the place is quite pleasant. The folks who man the front desk are also delightfully friendly and helpful, and they will guide you to your campsite if you arrive during normal business hours.

The entire front row of the campground, as close to Lake Mead as you can get, is reserved for campers like us. So, we took a couple of those spots, as we would be meeting friends here to start the next leg of our trip. There are also camping spots a bit farther back from the front row, so you can pick and choose where you want to stay. We had concrete driveways and patios, full hook-ups, and all the rest. Oh, and no trees. Not a one, probably because it's a desert. We didn't see a swimming pool, but they had lovely rest rooms, clean showers, and a nice laundromat. We also saw fantastic sunrises, epic views, and some spectacular thunderstorms while camping there two nights and connecting with our friends for their first RV camping trip - ever.

We had one week for three couples to explore the National Parks of Utah. The original goal was to see Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands. We considered Escalante as well, but cut it from the list, you know, so we'd have more time for the rest.

Fasten your seat belts!

On the road to Zion

Our second night and morning at Lake Mead RV Village was dedicated to helping our  RV neophyte friends off to a great start.  Turns out they didn't really need our help, and were doing great! We shared a wonderful breakfast together, which both couples turned out of their RV kitchens. Success!  Afterward, we all packed up and hit the road toward Zion. We took the scenic route through Lake Mead National Recreational area, and drove past the Valley of Fire State Park.  If we have more time in the future, Valley of Fire looks like a great place to stay. It has fantastic scenery, a campground we'd love to try, and what look to be some excellent hikes. That said, onward to Springdale, UT, and Zion National Park!

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