Hopkinsville, Kentucky

September 26 - October 7

We arrived in Hopkinsville, KY and stayed to visit family.  It was a wonderful visit! They live in the country, as you can see from the photos.  Neighbors raise soybeans, cows, horses and such like. 

There's a large Amish community here as well, and we recommend visiting Amish farmers' markets wherever you can find them. They'll have plenty of produce, and lots of genuinely homemade jams, jellies, pickles, sauces, and so on.  Well worth the trip!

Hopkinsville also has a very interesting Trail Of Tears site in town. It's small, but it is absolutely worth a visit. There are some statues / monuments there, and a fascinating Native American museum.  Cherokee and other tribes from the area come here every year for large gatherings. It's a nice place, though the memories evoked by the monument are horrific. It's important to keep these memories alive, though, in hopes that we won't do this again, or that maybe someday we'll stop - depending on your point of view.

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