Houston, TX

March 21, 2015

This road toll's for thee

We had very wet, though otherwise uneventful, drive from San Antonio to West Houston, where we had planned to say for the night.  However, we arrived much earlier in the day than expected, and when we pulled into the RV park, we decided it was just too depressing.  Too much like a trailer park, not enough like camping, and it had a scenic view of I-10.  Eww.

So, we cancelled our reservation and got back on the road, with new reservations for Advanced RV Park in Pearland. We also made plans to meet Susan's childhood friend, Carol, who would also be on the south side of Houston for the afternoon.  As we continued our drive through the heavy rain, we got disoriented and found ourselves on one of Houston's famous toll roads, having been directed there by our GPS.  The real problem is that most of Houston's toll roads are only open to vehicles bearing an EZ-Pass, which we don't have.  Naturally, we missed the  warning until we were already inextricably on that road.

As a result, we took note of the numbers you could call for help, and then jumped off the toll road at the first opportunity, in the process violating all kinds of toll road rules and getting pictures of our license plates added to the scofflaw list.  We called them later to get the tolls taken care of, and after a firm talking to in the form of the operator reading us a prepared statement, she took our CC# and charged us $12.00 for driving less than 12 miles.  Ah, the joys of visiting Houston, TX!

Advanced RV Park

We had an otherwise uneventful drive to Advanced RV Park in Pearland, TX.  It's a very nice RV Park - concrete pads, pristine showers and rest rooms, nice laundry, and friendly people.  We had a great overnight stay there.  If you're on the road and making time is more important than a genuine camping experience, or if you're a snowbird spending months in TX vs. Canada or Minnesota, this is the place for you.

Big Horn BBQ!

As planned, we met Susan's friend Carol and her friend Eric for dinner that evening.  We had lots of catching up to do, as Susan / Carol hadn't seen each other for a few years.  So, we decided to meet over some excellent Texas BBQ at Big Horn BBQ, not far from our campsite. We had a fantastic time with friends, and enjoyed some wonderful food.  Thanks, Carol and Eric for a wonderful evening!

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