Kansas City East KOA, and Wilson State Park

April 12 - 13, 2015

Kansas City East KOA, April 12th

We arrived at this KOA in Oak Grove, MO, late in the afternoon after a long, though happily uneventful, day of driving. 

The KOA is just off I-70,  close enough to hear the traffic going by. We pulled through on a nicely graveled site that was level side-to-side, though fore/aft was sloped and we had to unhitch to fully level the trailer. Around the trailer it was a bit muddy, though we managed to avoid bringing most of it into Rocinante.  However, bathrooms and showers at this campground were so clean they literally sparkled, and that makes up for a lot.

Given we had to unhitch anyway, we used the opportunity to fill the truck's tank and pick up some delicious barbeque at KC Baby Back Ribs, just across the highway. Ironically, they were out of ribs, so we got smoked turkey and ham instead.  Both were excellent!

It rained like crazy that night - so hard we were very glad to be in the campground instead of driving in that weather.  Normally the sound of rain on Rocinante's roof is soothing, but this one was a gusher and it woke us up several times during the night.  The next morning, all was well again, so we breakfasted, hitched up and got back on the road for another day of travel.

It looks as if Skipper would have preferred to sleep in a bit more, but the road was calling!

Wilson State Park, April 13th

Wilson State Park is about five miles off I-70, near the town of Sylvan Grove, KS, on the shores of WIlson Lake.  It's a great park for fishing, in particular.  Our timing was perfect - the campground had just opened for the season.  The park has hundreds of campsites spread over multiple camping loops throughout the park.  We toured the place, deciding where to camp.  We had plenty to choose from, as the entire campground might have had 5 other folks.  It was so empty that it was a bit eerie, but we made a go of it, choosing a lovely pull-through spot right on the lake.

We had a spectacular sunset to keep us company for dinner, and we saw quite a few birds, including pelicans, herons, and ducks.

Bike ride!

The weather was so nice and the park so empty that we decided to take down our bikes and ride them around the park.  It's a very picturesque location, with plenty of steep hills to climb, and we enjoyed the ride, getting back in plenty of time to enjoy the sunset.

While riding about we discovered that cliff jumping is prohibited in this park, so we agreed to stick with our bicycles instead.

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