Lake City, FL

March 25th, 2015

Quick stop - no niceties

Between Henderson Beach State Park and Orlando, we needed a quick and hopefully pleasant place to stop for the night.  We got the first, not so much of the latter, at Casey Jones RV Park in Lake City, FL.  The folks who manage the place are nice and helpful.  The park itself is fairly depressing.  Around the perimeter is a mix of mobile homes and pre-fabs (sometimes referred to as "park models"). In the middle are the RV's, some of which have clearly been there for a while. Restrooms and shower were clean enough, though quite dated.

We nearly didn't stop here at all, but it was late so we pulled in, hooked up to power, had dinner and went to bed and then listened to unexpectedly loud trucks heavily using a nearby side street throughout the night.  The next morning we left as early as possible - before 08:00.  It was a completely forgettable RV Park, except to remember that we have no interest stopping there again.  While we respect the hard work of the kind people who manage this park, it's not for us.  It was so uninspiring that we took no pictures.

Nothing to see here, this isn't the RV Park you're looking for.

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