Las Cruces, New Mexico

March 15, 2015

Welcome to New Mexico!

While driving from Tucson to Las Cruces, we faced some of the strongest headwinds we've seen to date.  One might say Rocinante broke wind in huge quantities. Our average gas mileage fell by nearly two full MPG.  The wind was so strong that it removed the antenna for our wireless rear-view camera.  We suddenly had no more view of traffic behind our trailer, and when we stopped, it was clear that the antenna was just gone. Our initial theory was that the antenna had spun around in the wind, loosened and then eventually released itself into the wild. Hard to tell for sure because the camera is 8+ feet up and we have no ladder.

Driving this day was exhausting so we stopped at a visitors' welcome center and napped for an hour in Rocinante.  One of the huge bonus points of towing your house with you everywhere is that whenever you need it, there it is.  So, we climbed out of the truck, took a leg-stretching walk, had a light lunch, turned on the fans for ventilation and had a nice snooze right in our own bedroom.  It was pretty awesome, honestly. For this adventure, home is where we park it.

Views from the Las Cruces KOA

The KOA in Las Cruces is nice enough.  It's outside of town up on a hill overlooking the valley and has a spectacular view, especially at sunset and sunrise.  The park is gravel, with a little bit of landscaping here and there.  Each morning, they pull a rake over the gravel to make sure it's clean of any debris and to make it look nice.  Honestly, it's mostly a parking lot

Heads-up: If you're staying overnight, you'll want to pull out before they rake the gravel because that process stirs up quite a bit of dust.  If you're staying more than one night or can't leave early, button up the rig to minimize dust intrusion until they are done.

We had a great evening here, very restful sleep, and enjoyed the views.  Onward!

The morning after

Next morning, Skipper was ready and raring to go.  He's decided the truck cab is the best place to hang out when we're getting packed up to leave, because that way he knows he's going with us.  We'd never leave him behind or in the trailer while moving, but he likes to make sure.  Once he's in the truck, he generally lies down and takes a nap until we depart.

Note the neatly raked gravel under the truck.  You have been warned.

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