Lassen Volcanic National park

September 5, 2017

Manzanita Lake Campground

From Collier Memorial State Park, we took the road into this National Park from the North and then East, via CA routes 89 and then 44 through Lassen National Forest. The roads we drove were so empty and cell-signal-free that we were glad to know we had full tanks of fresh water, propane, and gasoline. Seriously, the roads were that empty. If we had a mechanical failure, we could have been there for hours or maybe even a couple of days waiting for help! Fortunately, that didn't happen and we had another lovely, drama-free day.

Manzanita Lake is a lovely National Park campground. It's within walking distance of the actual Manzanita Lake, though it's not on the lake proper. No hookups, as usual at most NP campgrounds, but absolutely fantastic. If you are boondocking ready, this is the campground for you.

Despite no hookups, they have a nice camp store with pay showers and a dump station. We would not have minded paying for showers, because the campsites here are honestly pretty inexpensive.

This location was another quick in/out one night stop for us, which is a shame, because the campground and the park are so beautiful and intriguing. It's another spot we'd love to come back to so we can further explore this fascinating National Park. Oh, and we had vague, weak Verizon signal at our campsite, now and then. So, don't plan to be a digital nomad here. Just enjoy the park!

Ah, so why the rush to move on when we're so newly retired? We had a date to meet our friends in Vegas for the next leg of our trip, so off we went, in a cloud of dust, trying to get there in as few days as possible.

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