Nashville, Tennesee

October 9-11, 2017

After visiting with family for a bit, we headed down to Nashville, TN, where we would finally get our fancy electric awning (called a Zip-Dee Relax awning) at a reputable RV dealer's service department, not far from the Nashville KOA where we stayed.

Zip Dee said they were an authorized service location, and when we made the appointment, they agreed to do the work.  In the end, they did the work and everything turned out fine, but when we arrived at the dealership the service writer said they hadn't worked on a Zip Dee awning in over ten years. She also tried to back out of the appointment. However, we were persuasive.  So, they agreed to give it a shot. It took a few days of express shipping parts from Zip Dee to Nashville, but they got the job done and the awning was once again working as it should.  One thing to consider, however, when buying RV's with whiz-bang fancy features like electric awnings: It cost us over $2,000 to get that stupid awning fixed.  If (when?) this awning dies again, we'll tear it off and replace it with a manual awning. That would only have cost us $3,000.

RV repairs aside, we had a great visit. We had a enjoyed seeing downtown Nashville. The full-sized replica of the Parthenon at Centennial Park was fun, as was a nearby dog park where Augie got a chance to run his feet off for a couple of hours.

We also went to see the Grand Ole Opry, which was a blast, even though we aren't really country music fans.  Each act plays about three songs and is replaced with another one. So, by the time I got tired of one famous country group, they were shooed off stage and replaced by another famous country group I hadn't heard yet.  Overall, highly recommended, something everybody should see if they are in Nashville anyway.

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