Asheville, Newton & Clayton, North Carolina

October 17 - 21, 2017

Asheville, NC

After our visit to the Smokies, we headed east and spent two nights in Asheville, NC, where we camped in the driveway of another mobile couple who recently set down roots here, buying a new-to-them home.

The driveway was a tight fit, but with their help we managed to get ourselves parked in there and then enjoyed the town. Asheville has a wonderful dog park down by the French Broad River (yes, that is really the river's name), and several excellent restaurants, including Biscuit Head and the Sunny Point Cafe.

We quite liked Asheville, and we can certainly see why folks could settle down here. It's like a little piece of heaven with good food, art and interesting people, deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Newton, NC

Continuing our Eastward journey, we found a delightful Harvest Hosts location in the Newton, NC, area, in the form of a farm.  Our host grows a wide variety of produce, including delicious blueberries and many vegetables.  He also has a number of chickens, which he uses to produce eggs.  He sells much of the produce of his farm at the weekly famers' market in Newton proper.  We had a wonderful time visiting with him. Every Harvest Host experience is completely different from the last. In this case, the host was quite interested in chatting with us, and took us into town where we bought dinner while chatting over a delicious meal.  The next morning, we bought as much produce and eggs as we could carry, including a huge bag of blueberries, and continued on our way.  All in all, it was a very successful experience!

Clayton, NC

For our last stop in North Carolina, we visited with our cousins in Clayton. They recently moved to Clayton, so we got a chance to see their new-to-them home, enjoy and relax on the big piece of property they had, and enjoy camping in their very spacious driveway for a few nights. We met their birds and their Afghan hounds as well, and had a generally wonderful relaxing time. 

Since there was also a RAM truck dealer in town, we got the truck checked over and did some of the usual period maintenance.  No drama this time, just regular stuff.  Phew!

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