Oregon and NorCal Coast

March 1-3, 2015

Stunning coastal views, mountains, and towering redwoods!

So, we've been camping our way down the coast of Oregon and Northern California, following US Route 101 south from Cannon Beach.  Given we've following a scenic route down the coast, daily mileage is relatively low for this trip.

Sunday, March 1st

Sunday 3/1 was a big mileage day, considering our route. We started early, having hitched up the night before in Cannon Beach.  Found a lovely Oregon State park at Beverly Beach and had lunch there in the day use area.  It's a lovely park with a very nice campground.  We've added this one to our journal for a future visit!  We scored 228 miles today and stopped to camp late in the afternoon at Bullards Beach State Park, just north of Bandon, OR.  Another really nice Oregon State Park.  Kudos to Oregon for what seems a very nice park system based on an "n" of 2.

Monday. March 2nd

Monday we got off to a later start, but still made 107 miles to enter Northern California and the land of the Redwoods. We camped at Crescent City / Redwoods KOA, a few miles north of its namesake town, and only a few miles from the Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park

The KOA was a surprisingly pleasant campground - with goats and chickens!  It's pretty remote, and has a mix of open areas and a second growth forest with some of their own redwoods growing there among the stumps of their parents, cut down by loggers many years ago. 

Jedidiah Smith park was completely amazing - huge trees everywhere, along a really pretty river.  You have to go there.  The campground there has no hookups, but it's worth it for a night or two just to be in the trees.

Tuesday March 3rd

We busted out 158 scenic miles down the 101, which continued to amaze with ocean views and mountain roads.  Driving south along the Oregon and NorCal coast is nothing like driving down a long beach.  It's a very imposing series of headlands, rocks that run out to sea, and just awe inspiring.  It's slow going, but worth every mile.  We arrived at the Benbow KOA early in the evening.  It's a pleasant campground, part of a golf course!  Bathrooms and showers here are spectacularly nice. Unfortunately, this campground gets a fair amount of road noise from US 101.  Otherwise, it would be perfect. Despite this, we slept soundly and are ready for a new day.  We'll get groceries and fuel in Garberville, hitch up, and hit the road toward (but not into!) San Francisco.

Untitled photo

More of everything, please.

We'll be stopping in Ukia today to get some great driving / camping ideas form the local AAA office - and tips on how to avoid the worst of San Fran and LA traffic, etc.  Further updates to follow, as we leave the coast and begin to head East into dryer country.  We had hoped to hit Route 1 from Fort Bragg to Bodega Bay, but that road will have to wait for another tour.

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