Orlando and Kissimmee, FL

March 26 - April 1, 2015

We've arrived!

After nearly a month on the road with Rocinante, we made it to our initial destination - Orlando, FL, where our son works at Sea World as an Educator.

The biggest challenge for our visit was to actually get reservations at a campground somewhere in the eternal triangle of Disney, Universal and Sea World in the week before Easter - right in the middle of prime school break season!  However, after making a couple of calls, we got lucky.  The KOA in Kissimmee managed to re-arrange campsite assignments for several other visitors and squeezed us in for a stay at their RV Park on "Happy Camper Place," just off "7 Dwarfs Lane."  Not too Disney, are we?

To make up for all the schmaltz, the pool and hot tub at the KOA are quite lovely.  Crystal clear, pristine, and really great for a swim.  The park itself is crowded due to sites packed a bit too closely, but overall it's pretty decent.  They have nice playground, a little off-leash area for dogs, great restrooms & showers, and a Starbucks within walking distance.  On the down side, their campground wi-fi network is just awful.  It keeps offering connections and then denying bandwidth.  So, we hot-spotted our Verizon phones instead.

See?  World!

A key highlight of our visit to Orlando was a tour of Sea World Orlando, led by our son.  It was a great visit!  We got to see the two major shows - one with the killer whales and another with the dolphins, had lunch at the Sharks Underwater Grill, and enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour of the Wild Arctic exhibit. It was a great day, in spite of a vigorous thunderstorm that afternoon that tried alternately to drench us or shut down the park.

No, not the Seahawks

As we entered Sea World, one of the first things we spotted was a hawk, just hanging out and taking in the scenery.  He was definitely an interloper, and not part of the Sea World family. It just so happens that he was just across from an aviary full of small birds - perhaps he was checking the menu?

Lunch at Sharks Underwater Restaurant

Killer Whales at Sea World

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

The dolphin show

Cookout by the pool

One afternoon this week, we joined our son at his apartment complex, where he grilled up an awesome meal by the pool.  The weather was absolutely perfect, and the food was similarly awesome.  An excellent adventure, and a wonderful meal.  Thanks!

Dinner and giant bubbles at the KOA

Our last evening in Orlando, our son joined us at the campground.  For old-times sake, we pulled out the "bubble thing" blew some huge bubbles, and then had a dinner that couldn't be beat, followed by gourmet s'mores toasted over a campfire.  It was a blast!

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