Robertsdale, AL - Azalea Acres RV Park

March 22, 2015

Interlude - Stennis Space Center

On our way from Houston to our stopping point for the evening, we stumbled upon the Stennis Space Center along I-10 in Mississippi.  Not many things in Mississippi as far as we're concerned, but this was kind of neat.  We made a quick tour of some interesting NOAA items outside the museum, but it was too late in the day to take a full bus tour of the space center.  Interesting place, maybe we'll go back someday.  On our way out, we pointed out our Airstream and reminded them that one "just like it" was used to transport the Astronauts after coming  back from America's first trips to the moon.  They were flabbergasted.

Halfway between Houston & Lafayette

Bottom line, we needed a place to rest our heads, as it was too far to drive all the way between Houston and Lafayette in a single day.  So, we stopped at an RV park with good reviews, Azalea Acres, in Robertsdale.  It's a nice little park in the middle of nowhere.  There's plenty of room between sites, good services, and excellent facilities. Susan was so impressed that she took pictures of the bathroom and showers.  After a month on the road, when you find a campground with great facilities, you really start to notice.

Even better, the folks who are staying there, mostly snowbirds, are a lovely bunch.  As we pulled in and set up camp, the host invited us to join the pot luck dinner, already in progress. So, we grabbed up a container of Susan's freshly home-made oatmeal cookies, a couple of plates,  eating utensils, and drinks, joining the crowd on the veranda.  It was a very pleasant gathering, and the food was surprisingly good.  Everybody was particularly kind and welcoming, and we had a lovely time.  Not bad for an RV park way out in the country at the end of a tiny little road.

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