Salt Creek Recreation Area

August 24-26, 2015

Arriving unannounced

After spending a lovely few days on Lake Crescent at Log Cabin Resort, we were ready for a change, but we weren't ready to go home.  So, we hitched up Rocinante and headed down to Salt Creek Recreation area to see whether we could grab a lovely walk-in spots for a couple of nights.

Just to keep things interesting, we took the back way, via Olympic Discovery Trail to Rt.112 then jumped immediately over to Crescent Beach Road, and followed that to the park. The route was somewhat exhilarating, with steep hills, tight turns and narrow roads, but it was certainly passable with Rocinante in tow. We down-shifted vigorously to keep things under control, and it was really a pleasant 20 minute drive.

When we got there, sure enough, we found there were four unclaimed RV spots that cannot be reserved in advance.  So, we parked in spot #10 with a spectacular view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  We only planned to stay a couple of nights, but if we had wanted to, we could have camped there for up to 14 days - straight through Labor Day, for example.

In retrospect it's a good thing we went home on the 26th, because on Friday and Saturday, August 28th and 29th, a huge rain / wind storm hit the Olympic Peninsula, delivering winds of up to 90 MPH in some places. Here's a story about how hard the storm hit the Olympic National Park.  What a mess. Rocinante was grateful to be home instead of out in that storm!

Watching the wildlife

This was our third visit to Salt Creek Recreation area, which should be some indication of how much we like the place.  Each time we manage to see something new and different while enjoying the fabulous views.  We love to walk around the campground, get out our bikes, and hike on the various trails in the area. 

We especially enjoy going out on the rocks at low tide to see what we can see.  This time, the lowest tide was happening at an entirely uncivilized time (around 5AM), so we missed the best opportunities.  Nonetheless, we found plenty to see.

We wanted to see more wildlife than just deer on this visit, and we had plenty of time.  We agree with those who say the equivalent of "to listen, one must first be silent." So, we did that, just sitting quietly on rocks here and there until we started noticing things.  Here are pictures of a few of the critters we managed to see.

Absorbing the views and planning our return

We thoroughly enjoyed our third visit to Salt Creek Recreation Area.  We expect to become regulars, visiting this wonderful place at least once a year, if not more often.  Here are a few more reasons for our attachment to the PNW in general and this marvelous place in particular.  Y'all come now,  y'hear?

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