San Antonio, TX

March 19-20, 2015

JIT Antenna Management

As we mentioned earlier, the winds of New Mexico had thoughtfully removed the antenna from our wireless rear-view camera.  This made driving a little unnerving, as people could now hide in our blind spot and then jump out to pass us just as we wanted to change lanes.

We were unable to find anyone on our route who actually stocked this part, so we resorted to a bit of JIT to get the job done.  The good folks at Texas RV Supply in San Antonio ordered the part for us, with assurances that it would arrive at their shop at about the same time as us.  Sure enough, the part arrived at their shop the day before.

So, as we drove into San Antonio, we stopped by their shop.  They brought out the part and a ladder.  They climbed up and took at look at our camera.  The winds had snapped our antenna right off!  He removed the broken mast, screwed on the new one, and the camera was working again.  The entire process took less than 15 minutes.  We love you, TX RV Supply!

For want of an antenna, the kingdom may have been lost, but not this time.

Blazing Star RV Resort

This a huge "upscale" RV park in San Antonio within a couple of miles of Sea World.  Lots of snow birds camp here for the entire winter.  They have a lovely pool, hot tub and laundry, along with hundreds and hundreds of RV sites.  There are plenty of trees and its quite nice overall.  The one downside was that it seems a family of trolls was using the bath house nearest our camper.  It was in a constant state of disarray.

However, as nice as it is, it's not really our style.  This is more an upscale trailer park than a campground, though we'd probably stay here again if we were in the San Antonio area.

The Alamo

One cannot visit San Antonio without stopping by to see the Alamo.  It's a central fixture in the city, and a pleasant spot to visit.  Folks who "remember the Alamo" rarely remember it with historical accuracy, but it's still worth seeing.  We arrived late in the afternoon and toured the grounds.  We were surprised by the tourist traps all around the Alamo.  Right across from the front gate you can stop by a hall of mirrors and visit a Ripley's Believe it or Don't museum. Tacky.


Riverwalk is a really entertaining place to visit while in San Antonio.  It's almost as iconic as the Alamo, but with better restaurants and bars.  The city has "tamed" a river that runs right through the center of town.  This river used to cause devastating floods on a pretty regular basis, but not any more.  It's heavily controlled with flood gates and such, and thus the level rarely varies by more than a foot or so.  As a result, they've created the equivalent of a miniature Venice right in the center of town.  It's a blast, and the boat tour is a measly $8.00.  Highly recommended.  Use the boat tour to orient yourself and choose the bars / restaurants you want to patronize. After the tour, go from there!

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