Packing Checklist for camping

We don't necessarily bring everything on this list, but it's a great starting point for us that pretty much puts us in the right frame of mind to get the trailer packed before another fun trip.  Without this checklist, we keep forgetting things, and we find inertia keeps us from getting started on packing and loading out until the last minute.  Not so much with this list.  It's always changing, and we'll update here as we go.  Please feel free to make suggestions of your own, and we'll gladly add them here whenever we can.

Note: we offer no warranty, explicit or implied, of the merchantability or fitness of this checklist for any particular purpose.  Use it in good health, but please understand that you do so entirely at your own risk.

Bike Stuff

For Truck

• Bike Shoes

• Bike Helmets

• DH’s bike hat

• Bike Gloves

• Ankle ties

• Bike Tire Pump

•DH's Trike? (if bike, see trailer below)

• Bike tools

For Trailer

• DW Bike (road or mountain)

• DH Bike (road or mountain)? (if trike, see truck above)

• Bike Shirts

• Bike Shorts

• Bike rain pants

• Bike rain jackets


• Fill soap dispenser in trailer

• Toothbrushes

• Toothpaste

• Dental Floss

• Q-tips

• Deodorant

• Suntan lotion

• Bug repellent

• Hearos blue ear plugs

• Shaver

• Beard trimmer

• Medicines

• Spare glasses for DW

• Spare glasses for DH

• Tums

• Tissues


• Flip flops

• Hiking boots

• Slippers

Hearing Aid Stuff

• Hearing Aid Batteries

• Hearing Aid warmer/drier

• Hearing Aid charger


• DH clothes, underwear, socks, jammies and swimsuits for appropriate # of days

• DW clothes, underwear, socks, jammies and swimsuits for appropriate # of days

• Long underwear if needed.

• Plastic bags for dirty laundry

Outdoor wear

• Coats and rain jackets

• Warm vests

• Umbrellas

• Rain pants


• DW & DH headlamps

• Headlamp chargers

• Flashlight batteries

Family Radios

• Radios in the truck

• Batteries for the radios


• Chargers for everything

• DVD's for the DVD player

• Cameras, etc.

• Computers, etc.

• MP3 players

Generator Stuff

* Honda EU2000i Companion Generator (propane-fired)

* Propane hoses for the generator so we can connect it to the trailer's propane port or to a tank

* GenConnex 30 amp adapter

* Storage box for generator, hoses and adapter

Food: Fridge

* Eggs

• Prepared food (e.g. quiche, hummus, vegan chili, pulled pork, chicken stew, etc.)

• Unsweetened Almond milk

• ½ & ½ for coffee

• Coconut water

• Butter

• Fresh veggies (green beans, peppers, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, greens, herbs, garlic, etc.)

• Fresh fruit (apples, nectarines, limes, lemons, etc.)

• Frozen Veggie burgers

• Seitan / tempeh / tofu

• Toppings  & sauce for campfire pizza

• Frozen Sausages / hot dogs

• Ice Cream

• Frozen blue ice packs

• Peanut / almond butter

• Jam / jelly


* Torque wrench & socket for trailer lug nuts

* Battery-powered drill

* Ratchet-handled screwdriver

* Socket for trailer stabilizers

* Assorted driver bits for the drill & screwdriver

* Ratchet, Breaker bar & sockets for hitch adjustments

* Hammer for tent stakes

* Hatchet for wood

* Whatever else your heart desires

Dog Stuff

• Dog towels

• Dog dishes

• Dog food

• Dog treats

• Dog toys / chew bones

• Dog vitamins

• Cans of pumpkin

• Cans of green beans

• Dog brushes

• Dog bed

Food: Dry Goods

• Tall-skinny Tupperware with flour, sugar, quinoa, etc.

Like-it bricks, all six of them, into the pantry

   + We save time by keeping these babies stocked.

   + Includes salt, pepper, honey, cooking oils, etc.

• Dry yeast for campfire pizza, etc.

• Brown sugar

• Dried cranberries / currants

• Chocolate chips

• Candied Ginger

• S’mores (marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars)

• Nuts

• Pretzels (especially those peanut-butter-filled ones)

• Decaf coffee ground for the percolator

• Cocoa powder

• Oatmeal

• Freshly filled magnetic spice canisters


• Maps & guide books

• Binoculars

• Library books

• Blender

• Igloo Water Cooler

• Coffee Mugs

• Water bottles


• Set light timers

• Turn off water to washer and fridge

• Invite our nosiest neighbors to keep an eye out while we’re gone.

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