Trailer Arrival Checklist

Here's the checklist we follow when we arrive at a new campsite or drop Rocinante in storage. We welcome your feedback.

Note: We offer no warranty, explicit or implied, of the merchantability of fitness of this checklist for any particular purpose. Use it in good health, but please understand that you do so entirely at your own risk. 

1. Find out the laundry hours.

2. Check out the assigned campsite

     a. Is the site acceptable?

     b. Turn on 30 amp power at the box

     c. Test outlet to see whether it’s OK

     d. Turn off the 30 amp breaker

3. If site is OK (see above), park the trailer.

     a. Ensure that electric, water, cable and sewer will reach the trailer.

4. Check for Level, use Lynx blocks, Andersen Levelers, or wood, as needed to approximate port/starboard level.

5. Turn off TPMS

6. Put away / fold in towing mirrors to reduce head-bonking

7. Unlock and open front storage compartment

8. Chock the wheels.

9. Drop the jack onto Lynx blocks.

8. Unhitch the trailer

     a. Use the jack to lift the trailer high enough to easily remove the Equalizer bars.

     b. Remove the Equalizer bars

     c. Put bars and all cotter pins into storage in the trailer.

     d. Lower the jack until it’s obvious that some trailer weight is on the truck.

     e. Unlock and release the trailer hitch.

     f. Jack the trailer up again until it separates from the hitch ball

     g. Raise the jack a little more so the tongue is clear of the hitch ball

     h. Close and lock the trailer hitch again.

     i. Disconnect safety chains

     j. Disconnect emergency brake cable

     k. Disconnect power cable

     l. Gently pull the truck forward until it is clear of the trailer

9. Lower the jack until fore/aft level is achieved.

10. Install the California Immobilizer hitch lock.

11. Retrieve the electric drill and socket wrench for the stabilizers.

12. Use electric drill to lower and position each stabilizer on a Lynx block, fixing the trailer in place.

13. Electric

      a. Ensure the 30 amp breaker is off

      b. Plug in the black electric cable and connect it to the voltage regulator (big yellow box)

      c. Connect the voltage regulator to the surge protector

      d. Connect the gray electric cable to the surge protector

      e. Connect the gray cable to the trailer

      f. Turn on the 30 amp breaker and wait several minutes

      g. Check voltage inside.

      h. If the fridge isn’t already running, turn it on and set it to “auto”

14. Propane – If the propane is off, turn on the propane

15. Water

       a. Connect pressure regulator to the faucet

       b. Use clean hose and connect it to the pressure regulator

       d. If using a water filter ( we do! ), connect that hose to the inlet on your water filter, and then connect another hose to the outlet of the filter.

       c. Turn on water just enough to fill up hose and then turn off

       d. Connect your hose to trailer

       e. Turn the water on all the way

       f. Check water pressure in RV and bleed out air bubbles.

       g. Turn on the hot water heater

16. Cable

       a. If cable TV, then connect it up and turn off the antenna booster

       b. Program TV for digital cable if necessary

17. HVAC

       a. Open vents and/or windows as needed

       b. Turn on fans, heat or AC as needed

18. Close and lock the front storage door.

19. Recreate

       a. Take the dog for a nice walk around the campground

       b. Take the bikes out and ride them around

       c. Lock them up so they’ll still be there in the morning

20. Relax and have some dinner

21. Hit the swimming pool, coin laundry and/or showers.

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