Trailer Departure Checklist

This is the checklist we use every time we prepare to depart with Rocinante.  This applies to breaking camp, leaving home and pulling out after a quick overnight. Basically any time we're preparing to take Rocinante anywhere, we use the relevant parts of this checklist.

We welcome your feedback, and will gladly add suggestions as we get them - or shorten the list by removing irrelevant or duplicate entries.

Note: We offer no warranty, explicit or implied, of the merchantability or fitness of this checklist for any particular purpose. Use it in good health, but please understand that you do so entirely at your own risk.

Getting Started

1. Turn on the TPMS transmitter & monitor.

2. Open all the trailer curtains.

3. Open front storage compartment

4. If the cable TV cable is in use, disconnect it, coil it and put it away.


5. If connected to water:

     a. Turn off water and disconnect clean water hose and from trailer.

     b. Put cap back on the city water inlet

     c. If the water tank needs water, fill it now.

     d. Drain the clean water hose and screw it together.

     e. Put the clean water hose back in the front storage compartment.

      f. Remove the pressure regulator  from the faucet and store it.

Black & Gray Water

6. If the waste tanks are at least ¾ full:

    a. Put on some gloves to protect the hands

    b. Pull out the "dirty" water hose from the front storage compartment

    c. Connect "dirty" water hose to water faucet

    d. Connect other end to flush inlet

    f. Pull out the sewer hoses from the bumper and connect up between trailer and dump hole.

    g. Use "centipede" to support sewer hose if appropriate

    h. Open valve for black water and wait for it to drain

    i. Turn on the water faucet and flush black water tank

    j. Stop flushing the black water tank by turning off the water

    k. Turn off water faucet and disconnect the water hose from the trailer

    l. After the sewer hose stops draining, close the valve for black water

    m. Open valve for grey water tank and wait for it to drain

    n. Close the valve for grey water.

    o. Drain the sewer hose by gently lifting segments leading the water to the outlet.

    p. Rinse the sewer hose with the water hose.

    q. Disconnect the sewer hose and do the same trick again to minimize any water going outside the drain hole.

    r. Put sewer hose accouterments away.

    s. Remove water hose and store it

    t. Put at least a couple of gallons into each of the two tanks, black and grey.

    u. Add chemicals to black water tank

    v. Rinse chemical measuring cup into grey water tank


7. Turn off water heater

8. Turn off water pump (if it’s on)

9. Crank down the TV Antenna

10. Put away everything inside the trailer that might fall to the floor.

       a. Make the bed and clear up the bedroom

       b. Clear out the bathroom and put everything away

       c. Latch the shower door

       d. Clear away everything in the galley and living room

11. Turn off the Propane unless you need refrigerator

12. Close all the windows and the roof vents

13. Vacuum and sweep out the trailer if needed

14. Turn off the breaker at the power box.

15. Unplug from the power box.

16. Disconnect the Trailer from electric power.

17. Put the power cords away in the front compartment.

18. Put the surge protector and voltage regulator away inside the trailer.

19. Check the TPMS to see whether the trailer’s tires are set properly

      a. If not, use the tire pumper-upper to inflate the trailer tires.

      b. Put the tire pumper-upper back in the truck

20. Bring in the awnings, door mat and any safety cones.

21. Put the bikes into the truck or on the trailer.

22. Raise the stabilizers and put the Lynx blocks away.

Re-hitch the trailer

23. Mount the hitch on the truck

24. Grease the hitch ball

25. Unlock and store the California Immobilizer hitch lock

26. Use the jack to raise the trailer tongue so the truck hitch will fit beneath it.

27. Back the truck up and position it perfectly beneath the trailer tongue.

28. Unlock and release the trailer hitch latch.

29. Use the jack to lower the trailer onto the truck hitch.

30. Latch and lock the trailer tongue onto the truck hitch.

31. Raise the trailer jack in preparation for attaching the Equalizer bars.

32. Attach the Equalizer bars.

33. Lower the trailer a bit.

34. Cross & attach the safety chains

35. Attach the emergency brake cable

36. Attach the power cable

37. Lower the jack all the way until it’s off the ground.

38. Put away the Lynx blocks from under the jack.

Saddle up!

39. Remove and store the chocks.

40. Walk all around the rig. Look for anything you may have forgotten. Look at the tires. Look at the roof to see if any vents are open, look to see whether the TV antenna is up.

41. Check the brake lights and turn signals on the trailer.

42. Go back inside the trailer

      a. Sweep it out and shake out the rugs if needed

      b. Make sure everything is put away.

      c. Turn off the fridge unless you need it running in transit

      d. Make sure all doors and drawers are closed & latched

      e. Turn off all the lights, radio and TVs

43. Fold up and put away the steps

44. If leveling blocks are in use, drive off them and put them away.

45. Walk all around the campsite to ensure that everything has been picked up and stored.

46. Verify the following:

       a. Steps are up

       b. TV Antenna is down

       c. Stabilizers are all the way up

       d. Power cords are stowed

       e. Water and sewer hoses are stowed

       f. All hitch connections are correct: hitched, latched & locked, chains attached, power attached, safety line attached

       g. Hitch jack is all the way up

       h. Propane is off unless you need the fridge

47. Close, latch and lock the front storage compartment and the bumper.

48. Close, latch and lock the trailer entry door.

49. Get ready to leave

       a. Put mirrors into towing configuration

       b. Mount the rear view video screen

       c. Start the engine

       d. Turn on the rear view video screen

       e. Push tow\haul button

       f. Check the trailer brakes and lights

       g. Ensure that all wheels roll when you pull forward a couple of feet

       h. Do one last walk about the site

Move 'em Out

50. Drive away, singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall at the top of your lungs.

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