Sunny Saturday in Cannon Beach

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bluebirds, breakfast, and walks on the beach

We got a bluebird today - a beautiful sunny day in Cannon Beach, OR.  The morning started out cool and clear, with lots of promise for the coming afternoon, and we rose with the sun. 

Since we're still camping dry to eliminate any risk of freezing pipes, we decided to go out for breakfast.  We found a nice little place called the Lazy Susan Cafe.  It is seriously small, and decidedly delicious.  Highly recommended if you're in town and in the mood for breakfast.  We were both of those things, and we were early enough to beat any potential Saturday morning rush.

After breakfast, we drove to the south end of town, winding up at Tolovana beach park.  There's a generous parking lot here, and easy access to the massive beach south of Haystack Rock.  From here we walked a little more than a mile north back toward Haystack Rock and Cannon Beach.

Let's go fly a kite, shall we?

Later, we brought out a kite and tried giving it a fly.  Winds were uneven, sometimes gusting to a good strong breeze perfect for good kites, and then dropping back to nothing.  So, while we got our kite of choice up in the air, the winds left a bit to be desired.  After tiring of re-launching the kite after it's latest fall to earth, we decided to pack it in for another more reliable kite-flying day, and concentrated on enjoying the sunny afternoon.

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1957 Airstream

We met a lovely retired couple from Tacoma at the RV resort who have lovingly restored a 1957 Airstream trailer.  It's absolutely beautiful, nicely polished and fully restored on the inside. Here are a few pictures of the exterior of their trailer.  What a find!

Hello, we must be going

Just a few shots of Rocinante at our RV Resort.  We really enjoyed our stay.  We loved the beach and the town, the swimming pool and the hot tub.  We'd definitely stay here again at the Cannon Beach RV Resort.

Tomorrow we head south toward and probably past the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.  The weather man is promising us a nice day.  Fingers crossed!

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