Trail of Tears State Park

September 25-26, 2018

After our visit to Lake of the Ozarks, we headed farther south and east toward our eventual goal of Hopkinsville, KY, stopping at Trail of Tears State park in Missouri for a couple of nights. We camped right beside the might Mississippi River, watching the river barges go up and down, and the occasional train pass by.  This park is important historically as a point at which the Cherokee were forced across the Mississippi river while being pushed to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.  There is a good visitor center here that speaks both to this history and to the wildlife that lives in the park.

There are two campgrounds here, one up on the hill and a second down on the river. If you have an RV, camping on the river is really your only choice. The hilltop campground is fit only for tents and very small RV's - maybe vans, teardrops and smaller pop-ups.  Down here by the river there's plenty of room for everybody, though you do get serenaded by the regular trains as they pass the park. There's a railroad crossing in the park, so they have to honk their horns every time they pass that.  Kinda loud, but for us it was tolerable and we enjoyed seeing them go by during the day.

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