Tucson, AZ, and Pi Day

March 13 - 14, 2015

Picacho, we choose you!

As we drove south of Phoenix on our way to Tucson, we drove past an interesting mountain peak, which was clearly visible from the highway.  Picacho Peak State Park - obviously the name is reminiscent of one a Pokemon character our son enjoyed as a child, so it stuck in our heads as a funny place to visit.

Sadly, the name is pronounced pick-AH-cho (with a long "O") instead of PEEK-a-choo, but we can still have fun as long as no locals are listening in on our conversation.  We got such a good look at the peak from the road that we kept on going toward Tucson without stopping to see whether see any electrified yellow mice were running around.

Benson, AZ, rest area

After some hard driving, we stopped briefly at a dramatic rest area where we enjoyed a well deserved break and walkabout.  Interesting geology here, somewhat reminiscent of the jumbled rocks at Joshua Tree National Park.  The orange bowl on the running board holds Skipper's drink of water.  A Golden Retriever's gotta drink!

Our best KOA so far

Those of you who have stayed in a number of KOAs may not find this a very extreme statement, but seriously - the Lazy Days KOA in Tucson, AZ, right next to the Lazy Days RV dealer, is a truly fantastic KOA campground.  There are fruit trees everywhere, and if the fruit is in season, you can pick it and enjoy it.  The place is huge, spotless, and a real pleasure to visit.  Highly recommended if you're ever in the area!

Interesting Airstream motor home

Right across the way from us at the Lazy Days KOA, we saw a fascinating Airstream motor home.  Sadly, we were unable to meet its owners to hear the story of that classic unit, but it's quite a looker!

Celebrating Pi Day 3.14.15

This one comes only once in a millennium - the closest date we can get to Pi.  On the other hand, only in the United States to we express the date this way.  In pretty much every other country in the world, it's 14/03/15.  A lot less sexy to us Pi nerds that way.

On the other hand, who cares?  It's an excuse to eat pie!  We hopped in the truck and zoomed across town to a diner (Roberts Restaurant) with what's allegedly the best pie in town.  We had to hustle because they close at 2:00pm,  serving only breakfast & lunch.

Everyone working there was wearing special t-shirts celebrating Pi day, and they had done a nice job of decorating the place to commemorate the event.  It was very cool, and we had a great time chowing down on pie and ice cream on Pi Day!

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