Zion National Park

September 10, 2017

After a beautiful drive from Lake Meade RV Resort, we arrived in Springdale and drove slowly through town to the Zion Canyon campground, just outside the entrance of Zion National Park. We were on a lightning tour this time around (one day per park), so this campground was an excellent way to quickly see and experience a decent chunk of Zion.

If you need certainty vs. first-come-first-served campsite and have to make reservations, as we did with our little caravan, this is a decent place to stay. However, when we got there, we were directed to sites in the back in the far corner, along the creek. They were poorly maintained, dusty and dirty, though they were functional. Facilities were fine - clean bathrooms and showers in good shape. Good enough for an overnight, but we would not want to spend more than a night or two here.

If you ever do stay here, ask a few more questions than we did about where they will put you and the site they have in mind. Some sites were obviously nicer than ours, but none of them were stellar, and all of them were pretty closely packed.

Convenience to the park itself is the key feature of this campground. Right outside the campground is a shuttle stop that took us into the park. From there, we hopped on a Zion National Park tour bus that took us deep into the park via a road on which private vehicles are not permitted. It's a great way to ride into and then walk even deeper into a stunning slot canyon at the heart of Zion National Park. We loved being driven about, especially after a morning of driving ourselves to the park.

The restaurant across the street, The Spotted Dog, was a fine place to get breakfast, if you're of a mind to do so.

The next morning, we headed out of Zion via the road that goes through the one-way tunnel (at least it's one way if you're driving/towing an RV). We paid our tunnel fee at the entrance gate, and then when we got close, waited our turn to go through the tunnel.

The drive is spectacular, and the tunnel is dramatic. Highly recommended, as long as the maximum height of your RV allows you to go through the tunnel by driving down the middle. Check your specs before heading up that way, as there's no good way to turn around if you can't get through the tunnel.

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