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Welcome! Travel and explore with us in our Airstream. Nuestra casa es su casa!

Welcome to our Airstream Travel Blog!

We're a couple of modern day travelers and on a multi-year mission in the Airstream Rocinante to camp, explore and have adventures.  As you contemplate your next vacation, camping trip or expedition, we hope our stories boost your enthusiasm, give you ideas, occasionally show you what not to do, and encourage you to get out there to have adventures of your own.

Feel free to learn more about us, how we named Rocinante, and the hacks that help in our never-ending quest to further improve the RV experience, sharing what we learn as we go. If you're wondering about fresh (and not so fresh) water handling, the kitchen, leveling & chocking, shore power, Internet connectivity, staying warm, rugs, fan vent covers, or fan upgrades, we have some ideas.

Speaking of sharing what we learn, here's what we'd look at more closely next time if at some point we decide to buy another new Airstream (e.g. Rocinante the 2nd).

Our Airstream Travel Photo Blog, with the pictures and stories that follow, represent the voyages of Casa Rocinante and her crew. Please read on, let us know what you think, ask plenty of questions, and tell us about your adventures too! Thanks for joining us, please enjoy the blog.

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Red Bellied Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker

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